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Gundog Training in the Southwest

Glynn Abbott of Southwest Shooting Services has owned and trained working gundogs for over 30 years. Passionate about the driven game shooting industry, Glynn understands the vital role a well-trained gundog plays as part of the shoot.

With five English Springer Spaniels all trained by Glynn and used regularly at shoots, Glynn offers gundog training assistance to a working dog standard. Please note, he does not train dogs to competition standard as this is a different approach to the training.

Gundog Training SouthwestSelf-control and understanding of the job are vital for a well-trained working gundog. The key tasks of the gundog on a driven shoot are to find and flush out the game, mark where it falls (but don’t chase it) and then retrieve the bird and bring it to your hand without damaging it.

As a skilled and experienced shooting instructor with a love and understanding of gundogs, Glynn will help train you and your gundogs in these essential skills. He has a unique knack of being able to harness the dog’s natural instincts so that it understands the job in hand, responds to set commands and works with you to make the day an enjoyable and successful experience.