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About Southwest Shooting Services

Southwest Shooting Services offers Shooting Instruction in Devon, Cornwall and Exmoor.

Located in the southwest, we have an extensive knowledge of all the main shooting estates across the rolling countryside of this glorious region of England. With established relationships with farmers and estate owners in Devon, Cornwall and Exmoor, we will arrange for the shoot to take place in the best location that suits your specific requirements.

Glynn Abbott is the lead APSI qualified shooting instructor for game and clays and is available for one-to-one shooting instruction in the field.

Sporting Agency Driven Days
Driven days can be arranged for individuals and teams including full  hospitality packages.

Clay Pigeon Shooting is also available for individual instruction, team days and corporate events.


Glynn Abbott Southwest ShootingIntroduced to shooting when he was just eight years old, Glynn has been involved in the southwest shooting community ever since! A Cornishman through and through, Glynn is hugely experienced in all aspects of country shoots. He is an APSI qualified shooting instructor and loader with over 30 years of experience in the field.

He is passionate about the history of shooting in the southwest and has a wealth of knowledge about this traditional country sport in the English countryside. In addition to shooting instruction, Glynn also enjoys all aspects of the shoot including loading, beating and picking up. He is also an experienced off-road driver and is often the delegated driver on team shoots!

As an experienced gundog handler, with five of his own fully trained English Springer Spaniels, Glynn has trained many dogs (and their owners) over the years to working standard.